Only Luxx

Privacy Policy


Updated Privacy Policy in Compliance with the Only Luxx Website:

• Collection of Personal Information:

When completing booking forms on the Only Luxx website, we collect the user’s name, date of birth, email address, and phone number.

• Purpose of Collection:

This information is necessary to secure and confirm bookings. For successful reservations at our exclusive nightlife venues, the required information is essential.

• Use of Information:

Upon form submission, an automated email is sent, and subsequent communication may occur through email, calls, text messages, or WhatsApp. Users will receive updates on future events via email and WhatsApp. Additionally, we offer complimentary event planning services by contacting users before their birthdays.

• Data Security Measures:

All information is securely stored on our dedicated server, protected by SiteLock, LLC services.

• Data Retention:

User information is stored indefinitely.

• Information Sharing:

Luxx does not share or sell any user information; we are the sole data controller.

• Third-Party Access:

No third parties collect or access the information collected by Only Luxx.

• Use of Cookies:

Only Luxx currently does not use any cookies.

• User Control:

Users can request the deletion of their information by contacting us at Opting out of further communication can be done by contacting us via WhatsApp at +44 754 246 5507. Every email from Only Luxx includes an ‘unsubscribe button’ to ensure users do not receive future emails.