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Work hours

10 PM–2 AM

Los Angeles

Sound: Splashy DJ-fueled club with rotating art installations, bottle service & street-food-inspired bites.


Sound Nightclub, nestled in the vibrant Hollywood area of Los Angeles, is celebrated for its dedication to an immersive music experience. This club is distinguished by its industrial-chic aesthetic, blending a raw and edgy vibe with refined modern elements. The centerpiece is its top-tier sound system, delivering exceptional audio quality, making it a favorite amongst discerning music lovers. The interior features a spacious dance floor, a prominently placed DJ booth for optimal interaction, and comfortable seating areas, allowing guests to enjoy the music in their preferred style.
Renowned for showcasing a diverse array of electronic and house music talents, Sound draws both acclaimed international DJs and rising local artists. The bar complements the auditory experience with a selection of premium spirits and creative cocktails. Unique LED lighting enhances the club’s dynamic ambiance. Sound Nightclub is more than a typical nightlife venue; it’s a destination for those who seek a deeper, more authentic connection with music and a sophisticated yet unpretentious clubbing experience.


Sound Nightclub, 1642 N Las Palmas Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028, United States

Cover Charge

At Sound LA, ticket prices vary each night, adapting to the club’s diverse lineup of events and fluctuating demand. This variation is largely influenced by the nature of the events scheduled. For instance, nights featuring well-known DJs, high-profile artists, or special themed parties typically have higher ticket prices due to increased demand and the unique experience they offer.
The day of the week also plays a crucial role in determining ticket prices. Weekends, particularly Friday and Saturday nights, are peak times for nightlife and often command higher prices due to the larger crowds and heightened demand. In contrast, weekday events might be priced lower to attract guests.

Who This Club Is For

Sound Nightclub is a haven for those who are passionate about high-quality sound and intimate club settings. It particularly appeals to enthusiasts of electronic and house music, attracting a crowd that values the nuances of the music scene. This venue is also a choice spot for people who prefer a relaxed, approachable atmosphere where the music and experience are the main attractions.

Dress Code

For Men: The dress code at Sound is casual but stylish. Men should aim for a look that blends comfort with fashion, such as designer jeans, trendy t-shirts, and smart sneakers. The club’s ethos is about enjoying the music, so overly formal attire is less common.
For Women: The dress code is laid-back yet fashionable. Women are encouraged to wear stylish outfits that are comfortable for a night of dancing, like chic tops with jeans or skirts, paired with dance-friendly footwear. The club promotes a relaxed, stylish environment that mirrors its focus on quality music and a great atmosphere.
Sound Nightclub’s dress code encapsulates its philosophy of a music-centric, welcoming environment, where guests can immerse themselves in the sounds and vibes of the electronic music world.


Opening Times

Wednesday Closed
Thursday 10 PM–2 AM
Friday 10 PM–3 AM
Saturday 10 PM–3 AM
Sunday Closed
Monday Closed
Tuesday 9 PM–2 AM


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