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DragonFly: Lively nightclub in a contemporary setting featuring weekly Latin nights & Hip Hop parties.


DragonFly, situated in the heart of Los Angeles, is a dynamic and eclectic nightclub known for its vibrant atmosphere and diverse entertainment offerings. This venue stands out with its unique Asian-inspired decor, featuring dramatic red lighting, oriental motifs, and a sleek, modern design that creates an immersive and exotic ambiance. DragonFly is a multifaceted space that hosts a variety of events, from live music performances and DJ nights to themed parties and private events, catering to a wide range of musical tastes and entertainment preferences.
The club boasts a spacious dance floor, a state-of-the-art sound system, and comfortable lounge areas, making it ideal for both dancing and socializing. The bar at DragonFly offers a selection of creative cocktails, premium spirits, and beers, ensuring that guests have a memorable drinking experience. With its blend of stylish decor, lively atmosphere, and diverse programming, DragonFly is a popular destination for those seeking a unique and exciting night out in Los Angeles.


Dragonfly Hollywood, 6510 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90038, United States

Cover Charge

At Dragonfly, the cover charge varies each night, influenced by several key factors that reflect the club’s dynamic and adaptable approach to its events and clientele. This variation is often based on the specific event or theme of the night, with special events, guest DJ appearances, or live performances typically resulting in a higher cover charge. The day of the week also plays a significant role, as weekends, especially Friday and Saturday nights, tend to attract larger crowds and may have a higher cover charge compared to quieter weekdays. Additionally, seasonal peaks, special holidays, or local events can impact the cover charge, as these times often see increased demand. Through this flexible pricing, Dragonfly manages to balance the demand for its diverse offerings while catering to a wide range of nightlife experiences.

Who This Club Is For

DragonFly is perfect for a diverse and adventurous crowd, including music lovers, party-goers, and anyone looking for a night out with a difference. It appeals to those who appreciate a mix of live entertainment, from rock bands to electronic DJs, and those who enjoy a club with a distinctive and vibrant theme. The venue is also great for groups, birthday celebrations, and individuals looking to immerse themselves in the energetic LA nightlife scene.

Dress Code

For Men: The dress code at DragonFly is casual but trendy. Men should aim for a stylish look that’s comfortable for dancing, such as jeans or chinos paired with a fashionable shirt or t-shirt. Athletic wear and overly casual attire are not recommended.
For Women: The dress code is similarly casual and stylish. Women can opt for trendy dresses, tops with jeans or skirts, and comfortable shoes suitable for dancing. The club encourages guests to express their personal style while keeping in mind the lively atmosphere of the venue.
DragonFly’s dress code reflects its fun and vibrant character, making it a welcoming space for those who want to enjoy a night of great music, dancing, and an unforgettable experience in Los Angeles.


Opening Times

Wednesday Closed
Thursday 10 PM–2 AM
Friday 10 PM–2 AM
Saturday 10 PM–2 AM
Sunday 10 PM–2 AM
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed


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