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Bootsy Bellows: David Arquette is an owner of this vaudeville-inspired hot spot with variety acts & stargazing.


Bootsy Bellows, located in the heart of West Hollywood, is a renowned nightclub known for its glamorous and lively atmosphere. This celebrity hotspot is a blend of retro style and contemporary nightlife, featuring an interior that pays homage to the 1960s art deco era with a modern twist. The club is adorned with plush velvet couches, mirrored surfaces, and quirky pop art, creating an eclectic and luxurious setting. Bootsy Bellows is also famous for its unique live entertainment, which includes impromptu puppet shows and burlesque performances, adding an element of surprise and whimsy to the nightlife experience.
The club features a spacious dance floor, a state-of-the-art sound system, and exclusive VIP areas, making it a favorite among A-listers and nightlife aficionados. The bar offers a wide selection of premium spirits and expertly crafted cocktails, ensuring that guests enjoy a top-tier drinking experience. With its vibrant ambiance, celebrity sightings, and exceptional service, Bootsy Bellows promises a memorable night out filled with dancing, entertainment, and high-energy fun.


Bootsy Bellows, 9229 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069, United States

Cover Charge

Bootsy Bellows, known for its exclusive and upscale atmosphere, typically operates without a regular cover charge, focusing instead on a guestlist and table reservation system. This approach emphasizes the venue’s exclusivity, catering to a clientele that prefers pre-arranged, reserved access. By relying primarily on guestlists and table bookings, Bootsy Bellows maintains a controlled and selective environment. This method ensures that the club’s atmosphere remains consistent with its high-end, exclusive image, appealing to guests who seek a more curated and VIP-style experience.

Who This Club Is For

Bootsy Bellows caters to a trendy and fashionable crowd, including celebrities, young professionals, and socialites looking for a high-energy and glamorous nightlife experience. It’s the perfect venue for those who enjoy dancing the night away in a stylish and lively atmosphere, as well as for those who appreciate live, unconventional entertainment. The club is also ideal for hosting private events, birthday celebrations, and exclusive gatherings, providing a vibrant backdrop for any special occasion.

Dress Code

For Men: The dress code at Bootsy Bellows is chic and fashionable. Men should aim for a polished look with designer jeans or trousers, stylish shirts, and dress shoes. Casual wear such as t-shirts, sports attire, and sneakers are not in keeping with the club’s upscale ambiance.
For Women: The dress code is stylish and sophisticated. Women are encouraged to wear fashionable dresses, elegant tops with skirts or high-quality trousers, and high heels. The club favors a trendy and classy attire that complements its glamorous setting. Overly casual or informal wear is not suitable for this venue.
Bootsy Bellows’ dress code contributes to its luxurious and lively atmosphere, ensuring that guests are part of an exclusive and stylish experience that is quintessential to the Los Angeles nightlife scene.


Opening Times

Tuesday 11 PM–2 AM
Wednesday Closed
Thursday Closed
Friday 11 PM–2 AM
Saturday 11 PM–2 AM
Sunday Closed
Monday Closed


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